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Current Statistics
Total Number of Pathways 46
Total Number of Molecules 3187
Total Number of Interactions 5740
Total Number of Diseases Mapped with Proteins 6897
Total Number of Articles Used to Curate Data 520

Total Viewers 3575
News & Updates

. BIOPYDB Version 1.0 released on 10th February, 2017
. Human Hedgehog Signalling Pathway Data has been Updated
. Human MAPK Signalling Pathway Data has been Updated
. T - Cell Receptor Pathway Data has been Updated
. Glioma Pathway Data has been Updated
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BIOPYDB is a fully manually curated, Human cell specific Dynamic Biochemical Pathway Database.

It is an open source and freely available Database for the Acadamic Users.

It operates in a dynamic fashion with minimal maintenance and human resource.

Users are requested to click on different Tabs and Read the instructions to explore the database.

Users can enter query within the "Search" Box or can enter complex queries using "Advance Search" Option.

For any query/difficulty/suggestions, please go through "FAQ" or give your "Feedback".

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